Programs for Faculty

NAU currently offers two funded programs for faculty:

Comparison of the two programs

CriteriaPresident's Technology Initiative, Round V
Large Course Redesign

President's Technology Initiative, Round V
Faculty Technology Innovation
Grant Program

Courses targeted

Large-enrollment, multi-section100- and 200-level courses with preference for

  • Foundational or keystone courses that have a high DFW rate
  • In-person and blended/hybrid/flipped courses

All in-person or blended undergraduate courses are eligible with preference for

  • larger enrollment, undergraduate courses
  • Foundational or gateway courses that have a high DFW rate
When pilot course must be taughtFall 2015Spring 2015 or Fall 2015
Funding available for projectApproximately $10,000 to $20,000Approximately $2,000 - $4,000

The goals of this grant program are as follows:

  • Promote collaboration, cooperation, and innovation among faculty who design or teach multi-section large enrollment courses..
  • Develop and assure consistent learning outcomes across all sections of the course.
  • Improve student outcomes including higher level learning, improved success, and greater rates of course completion.
  • Use campus resources, including classrooms, laboratories, and faculty time, more efficiently and more effectively.
  • Increase the capability of the unit to transfer the knowledge and experience gained from the redesign of the identified course to other similar courses in the unit.

The goals of this grant program are as follows:

  • To re-envision how we use in-class time
  • To address identified instructional problems or bottlenecks that can be solved through technology
  • To encourage faculty to adopt proven pedagogy using technology as a lever to engage students and/or reduce faculty workload.
  • To encourage pairs or teams of faculty to share resources that support multiple sections of courses