The Early College Years: 1925-44

  • From 1925-28 we were known as Northern Arizona State Teachers College (NASTC). Then from 1929-44 we became Arizona State Teachers College (ASTC).
  • Depression Era (1929-41): “The College and Flagstaff were not immune to the effects of the Great Depression. The only bank in town closed its doors in June 1932. ASTC President Grady Gammage recognized, however, that higher education was a "depression industry," one that fared well in hard times. The College provided jobs for more than 400 students. Some students found creative solutions to financial problems. Elsie McCauley bartered sacks of potatoes for tuition; Rolf Larson's Holstein cow, Codera, underwrote his education.” - Cline Library 


campus 1921 

1921- A look at campus. Credit: Northern Arizona University Archives/Cline Library


1922 girls bball 

1921-22 Women's Basketball Team from La Cuesta yearbook. Credit: Northern Arizona University Archives/Cline Library