Host your own event

With the growing interest in networking, we receive many requests for alumni gatherings all over the country. With limited resources, we are unable to create and execute these types of events as often as we would like, and so we're looking to you, our amazing alumni, to help. 

Our solution is to suggest our alumni host an informal event through  FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn. Here are a few simple steps to follow if you’re interested in hosting an alumni event in your city.

The starting point

Post a discussion on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter calling for other alumni in your area to join you. When you build some interest, start looking for a date. 


E-mail us as soon as you have set a date and we can assist in finding alumni in your area who might be interested. We'll send e-mails to those we have in your area, post a notice on Facebook and Twitter, and create an event page on our website. 

Generally, we ask the event coordinator (that’s you) to draft the initial email, and then we will forward it on your behalf. Interested parties will contact you directly.


Pick a location that has a large seating area or bar. It's a good idea to talk to the manager of the location and find out if they can offer some kind of food or drink special for the group.


At the event, take pictures and get names of everyone who attends. We would love to have this info, and we'll post event pictures on our website and Facebook.

For more information on hosting an alumni event, please e-mail our alumni relations staff.