All the forms listed below are required for program enrollment.  We strongly suggest each candidate print and fill these out prior to or in conjunction with Northern Arizona University registration.  Once complete, please hand-carry to the detachment.  Do NOT scan and email them to us (as we must inspect them before placing into your personnel file).  These forms are required before the first week of classes.  A special trip to the detachment is not required, but helpful to all.


All forms must be completed in BLACK ink (except DD Form 93) and must be legible.  Questions about the forms will be answered when you submit them in person to the Detachment.  Additional forms may be required at the Detachment.

Other documentation

In addition to the attached documents, we will need to see the following:

  • SAT/ACT Scores (students can print these from the respective test site)
  • "Original" Birth Certificate (this will be copied and returned to you immediately)
  • "Original" Social Security Card (this will be copied and returned to you immediately)
  • Selective Service Card (males only) (this can also be accessed through
  • Transcripts (we need unofficial copies of all transcripts from any college/university in which you received college credit) OFFICIAL transcripts must be sent to NAU from any college/university you have attended.