College Prep Information

The first steps toward success

It’s never too soon to start learning how to become a successful university student.

Here are some important things to keep in mind while you prepare for your university experience:

Freshman year of high school

Explore your strengths, limits, likes, and dislikes

Take a range of academic classes, read widely, and participate in extra-curricular activities.  

Challenge yourself academically.

Consider advanced placement, honors classes, accelerated programs, and precollege programs. 

Sophomore year of high school

Explore many colleges and pay particular attention to each school's:  

  • degree offerings and programs of study
  • scholarship opportunities
  • campus community and environment
  • student clubs and organizations
  • athletics and sports
  • career planning and internship programs
  • housing options

Talk to your parents, guidance counselors, teachers, family, and friends.

While the college choice is yours, you should discuss options and opinions with people you trust. Your family can learn more about the university by reading the Parent Resource Guide.

Junior year of high school

Plan for the SAT and ACT.

Northern Arizona University does not require these tests for admission but they are required for scholarship consideration.  

Think about how you will finance your education.

College is an investment in your future. Explore your options before it’s time to decide. 

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