Accessibility at NAU

Person using laptop outside Old Main


Welcome to Northern Arizona University's Accessibility site.  NAU strives to create and maintain inclusive, accessible, and usable environments.  On these pages you will find information and resources to assist you in contributing to that goal. Director Jamie Axelrod is the ADA Coordinator and 504 Compliance Officer. Email: Phone: (928) 523-8773. 

What does "Accessibility" mean?

 Accessibility generally means that a product or service is available to and usable by as many people as possible.  In order to ensure accessibility, it is best to consider the needs of a wide variety of users at the time that we are designing our product or service, since rebuilding it later will take more time, effort, and resources than doing it well from the beginning.  

Is accessibility just for buildings?

Accessibility applies everywhere!  We want all of our environments, whether they are physical or virtual, to be useful to everyone.  For example, a course's design and materials should consider the needs of a variety of people by including captioning on videos, accessible digital content, and a clear organizational structure. Learn more about why accessibility is important.

Course and Document Accessibility
Creating accessible documents and learning environments is critical to an institution of higher education.  Learn more on our course and material page.
 Web Accessibility

 Accessibility of websites is an important goal for NAU, since it helps us effectively reach and serve a broad audience with diverse needs.  Learn more on our Web Accessibility page.