Welcome to the web site of the Vice President for Finance and Administration at Northern Arizona University. We hope you will find this site a helpful source of information. The vice president oversees the university’s business functions which include Human Resources, Financial Services, Investments, Audit, Facility Services, Police Department, Space Management, Fiscal Operations, and Bookstore.

Mission statement

To support the University by providing quality services to the University community, oversight for key financial and administrative functions, and establishing and monitoring compliance with financial and administrative policies and procedures.


  • Promote the philosophy established by the University’s President (Office of the President).
  • Help Northern Arizona University to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. (Internal Audit)
  • Provide programs, policies and services that support the University in attracting, recruiting and retaining quality faculty, staff and students (Human Resources)
  • Provide leadership, guidance and assistance to ensure that financial and general management functions meet and/or exceed state and national standards or recommended best practices (Comptroller’s Office)
  • Provide oversight of the fiscal operations and overall budgetary activity for the organizations under the Vice President for Finance and Administration (Fiscal Operations)
    • Comptroller
    • Student & Departmental Account Services
    • Sponsored Projects
    • Contracting & Purchasing Services
    • Postal Services
    • Facility Services
    • Internal Audit
    • NAU Police Department
    • Office of Space Management
    • Human Resources
  • Disseminate and ensure compliance with policies and procedures that govern key financial and administrative functions (Financial Services AVP/ Comptroller)
  • Provide public safety, law enforcement, and security services to the campus community. (NAU Police Department)
  • Facilitate Space Use and Reallocations on the Flagstaff Campus (VP Committee Chair)
  • Facility Services sustains the integrity and appearance of the campus environment while supporting the educational process, research activities, and public involvement, by effectively utilizing human, physical, and financial capital (Facility Services)
  • Provide quality services to the students via the Bookstore, including a rental text program and an Authorized Apple Campus Reseller Store. (Bookstore)
  • Review space utilization and make recommendations for more efficient space utilization. (Space Management)