Expanding the Boundaries of Knowledge

Northern Arizona University is committed to expanding the boundaries of knowledge through research. Widely recognized as the major research university producing basic and applied knowledge that addresses the challenges of the interior western United States, the NAU research enterprise also boasts strengths in bioengineering and biosciences, genetics and genomics, ecology and environmental research, forestry, sustainability, climate science, astronomy, and Native American health and wellness.

Research News

An Introduced Species Alters Community Composition 7/21/15
Introducing a species into an ecosystem can have ecological and evolutionary consequences that can cascade to affect a much larger ecological community, according to a study by a team of... read more

NSF award propels NAU team toward all-terrain prosthetic 7/14/15
Researchers slogging through a tangle of sensors, motors and algorithms face a challenging path, but it’s nothing like the terrain that must be crossed by someone walking with a prosthetic... read more

Scientists Are Cataloging Native Pollinators for Climate Change Research 6/30/15
Honeybees have been in the news lately because they’re disappearing. They are crucial to food production, but they are not native to North America. Now some scientists are turning their... read more

How Climate Change Will Affect Birds 6/22/15
 A team of ecologists at Northern Arizona University has been studying the projected effects of climate change on various species of birds in different ecosystems in Arizona, such as the Pygmy... read more

NAU's Tick Expert 6/15/15
Dr. Nathan Nieto, an assistant professor of biology at Northern Arizona University, is one of the world’s preeminent tick-borne disease experts. He maintains a data set that tracks endemic... read more

Saving the Sandbars on the Colorado River 6/15/15
 Each fall, Northern Arizona University geologist Joe Hazel and a team of about 20 others pack several hundred pounds of expensive survey equipment into handful of rafts and set off down the... read more