Expanding the Boundaries of Knowledge

Northern Arizona University is committed to expanding the boundaries of knowledge through research. Widely recognized as the major research university producing basic and applied knowledge that addresses the challenges of the interior western United States, the NAU research enterprise also boasts strengths in bioengineering and biosciences, genetics and genomics, ecology and environmental research, forestry, sustainability, climate science, astronomy, and Native American health and wellness.

Research News

African Lake Gives NAU Researcher Insight into Abrupt Climate Shifts 2/18/15
Sediment samples explain how Africa changed from a humid environment . . . read more

A Saunter through the Pines 2/13/15
NAU Emeritus Professor Sylvester Allred has published a book about ponderosas inspired by the naturalist John Muir . . . read more

Different Strains Caused Two Historic Plague Epidemics 2/10/15
Genome sequencing shows that different strains of Yersinia pestis caused . . . read more

The Year of Pluto 2/5/15
Three professors in the NAU Department of Physics and Astronomy are simulating the surface of the planet Pluto . . . read more

Eating Fiber Can Alter the Human Gut Microbiome 2/3/15
NAU researcher Greg Caporaso has found that consuming specific dietary fibers can alter bacteria in the gut . . .  read more

Curbing Those Aspen Munchies 2/3/15
NAU's research greenhouse is conducting an experiment to grow aspen seedlings that won't be tasty to elk and deer . . .  read more