Don’t stay on the sidelines

Make friends and have fun while you try a new sport or continue with the sport you love.

You don’t need experience to be part of an Intramural Sports or Sport Club team—we encourage anyone to participate, regardless of skill level or ability. 

Sport Clubs

Whether you want to compete nationally, enjoy social time with your friends, or simply play the sport you love, with over 40 Sport Clubs, we've got something for you! 

Intramural Sports

Whoa! Over 36 sports each year! Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, Racquet Sports, Water Sports, and more! Whether you're looking for competition, social time, or just exercise - we've got something for you. Please use our online portal to register your team, pay for your entry, or join an existing team! For more information, please visit the Intramural Sports page