Payroll Adjustments

Grants Terminating on June 30 and throughout the fiscal year and Employees being moved to New Funding on July 1 and during mid pay period changes during different time periods during the year.

  • PeopleSoft only uses one account or set of accounts to distribute expenses for each pay period.
  • PeopleSoft does NOT recognize mid-pay period account changes on 7/1 or during the Fiscal year.


  • All of the expenses (old and new year) will be charged to the old year account (or sets of accounts).
  • The Payroll expense that hits the old account for the period i.e. July 1 to July 4 or during the mid-pay period on the new account will need to be transferred using a payroll transfer expense form prepared by the department and forwarded to Sponsored Projects Services, Box 4070, to move expense to the new account.
  • A new PAR form will need to be done to move employees to the new account(s) i.e. beginning pay period July 5th or whatever the date is after the pay period that is involved with mid-pay period account change.
  • That's all the flexibility we currently have.
  • PeopleSoft eventually will enhance the system to recognize and use mid-pay period funding changes.