Confidentiality and Subject Payment


  • Principal Investigator (PI):  A NAU employee conducting research under a grant or research project.
  • Subject:  An individual who is voluntarily participating in a research project.
  • Subject Pay:  Payment to a subject in a research project.


Subject Payments must be made by a PI. Payments must be conducted and documented according to NAU policy.


To obtain a check for the PI of the grant or research project, from which payment can be made to subjects, follow this process.

  1. Process a Requisition document on Peoplesoft to pay the PI.
  2. Attach a copy of the page in the grant, or research project, that delineates the use of the money for Subject Pay.
  3. Provide a list of individuals that have received payments, once the participation has taken place.  (See confidentiality exception below.)
  4. In the PTEXT section of the Requisition, note that the PI for the grant, or research project, is fully responsible for this money, within the context of their grant.  It is advised to list the PI by name.

Reporting Payment

The PI must keep a list of subject pay distribution. If ever audited, the PI must be able to provide for how this money was spent.


  • The nature of the grant, or research project, determines if confidentiality is required.  If the grant, or research project, requires that confidentiality of subjects be maintained, then the PI need not provide a list of the subjects with the Requisition document.
  • The PI must complete a Promissory Note with Accounts Payable to ensure use of funds.
  • This PI will remain fully responsible for documenting how the money is spent through the writing of their report for the grant or research project