Who Manages my Sponsored Project?

AdministratorFund ManagerDept. ID (begins with)Dept.Department Description
Marietta RodriguezBrenden Perfect100PRSOffice of the President
Kerri Byrd 150EVPExecutive VP
Marietta Rodriguez 181AWIArizona Water Institute
Karin Ross 182BILBilby Research Center
Kerri Byrd 184EMAEcological Monitoring & Assessment
Marietta Rodriguez 188RESResearch
Marietta RodriguezBrenden Perfect188RESCancer Grants - NACP
Karin Ross 202ARLCollege of Art and Letters
Kerri Byrd 203ARTArt
Marietta Rodriguez 205ENGEnglish
Marietta Rodriguez 205ENGNorthern Arizona Writing Project (NAWP)
Karin Ross 207HISHistory
Kerri Byrd 208HUM 
Karin Ross 209MLGModern Languages
Dani Champagne 210MSIMartin-Springer Institute
Kerri Byrd 211MUSMusic
Karin Ross 213PHIPhilosophy
Kerri Byrd 215THETheater
Dani Champagne 230AHRAZ Hospitality Research Center
Dani Champagne 231AMICenter for American Indian Economic Development
Karin RossBlake Spiekerman232BADCollege of Business Admin
Karin Ross 236CTCComputer Training Center
Karin Ross 237HRMSchool of Hotel & Restaurant Mgmt.
Karin Ross 250AZKArizona K-12 Center
Karin Ross 251CEE/COECenter for Excellence / College of Ed.
Karin Ross 260ASDCollege of Arts & Science, A&S Imaging and Histology Lab
Marietta RodriguezIvan Ochsner262BIOBiological Sciences
Karin RossIvan Ochsner264CHMChemistry & Biochemistry
Dani Champagne 265CSECenter for Sustainable Environment
Marietta RodriguezBrenden Perfect266EGRCivil/Environmental Engineering, Construction Mgt.
Marietta RodriguezBrenden Perfect266EGRElectrical Engineering and Computer Science
Marietta RodriguezBrenden Perfect266EGRMechanical Engineering
Marietta Rodriguez 268ENSCEFNS Deans Office
Marietta RodriguezBrenden Perfect269ENVEnvironmental Sciences
Karin RossBrenden Perfect271FORForestry
Marietta RodriguezBrenden Perfect273GLGGeology
Dani Champagne 274ITPInstitute for Tribal Environment Professionals
Marietta RodriguezBrenden Perfect275MATMathematics
Dani ChampagneBrenden Perfect276MGNMicrobial Genetics & Genomics
Dani Champagne 277MPCMerriam - Powell Center
Karin RossIvan Ochsner 278PHY Physics & Astronomy
Marietta RodriguezBrenden Perfect280SESESSchool of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability
Dani Champagne 281CSTLCenter for Science Teaching and Learning
Marietta Rodriguez 282ISESSustainable Energy Solutions
Dani Champagne 283EcoSSEcosystem Science & Society Center
Dani Champagne 284LCILandscape Conservation Institute
Marietta Rodriguez 285ICPInformatics & Computing Program
Dani ChampagneIvan Ochsner286CBICenter for Bioengineering Innovation
Marietta Rodriguez 287CPRColorado Plateau Research Station
Karin RossBrenden Perfect288ERIEcological Restoration Institute
Marietta RodriguezBlake Spiekerman300AISApplied Indigenous Studies Program
Marietta RodriguezBlake Spiekerman301ANTAnthropology
Marietta RodriguezBlake Spiekerman303COMSchool of Communication
Marietta RodriguezBlake Spiekerman304CRJCriminology & Criminal Justice
Marietta RodriguezBlake Spiekerman305CSICivic Service Institute
Marietta RodriguezBlake Spiekerman307GGRGeography
Karin Ross 308IHDInstitute for Human Development
Marietta Rodriguez 309MLSMaster of Arts in Sustainable Communities (formerly Masters of Liberal Studies)
Marietta Rodriguez 311NYSNAU Yavapai
Marietta Rodriguez 312PIAPolitics & International Affairs
Marietta RodriguezBlake Spiekerman313PSYPsychology
Marietta RodriguezBlake Spiekerman314SBSCollege of Social & Behavioral Science
Karin RossBlake Spiekerman315SSWSociology & Social Work
Karin Ross 316VEDVocational Education
Dani ChampagneBlake Spiekerman318FVIFamily Violence Institute
Marietta RodriguezBlake Spiekerman341CSDCommunication Science Disorder
Marietta RodriguezBlake Spiekerman342DHYDental Hygiene
Marietta RodriguezBlake Spiekerman343HHSHealth and Human Services
Karin RossBlake Spiekerman345HPEHealth Promotions & Exercise Sciences
Karin RossBlake Spiekerman345HPECAIR grants ONLY
Marietta RodriguezBlake Spiekerman346NURNursing
Marietta RodriguezBlake Spiekerman347PASPhysician Assistant Studies
Karin RossBlake Spiekerman348PHTPhysical Therapy
Karin Ross 360GRDGraduate Office
Karin Ross 364LIBCline Library
Kerri Byrd 374CTLE-Learning Center
Karin Ross 375FSPVice Provost for Academic Affairs
Karin Ross 377HONUniversity of Honors Program
Kerri Byrd 378LSALiberal Studies Assessment
Kerri Byrd 390INSInternational Studies
Marietta Rodriguez 395AVPProvost
Kerri Byrd 403CMPComptroller’s Office
Kerri Byrd 440UNSUniversity Service
Karin Ross 441UPDUniversity Police Department
Karin Ross 502FINFinancial Aid
Marietta Rodriguez 521DSSDisability Support Services
Karin Ross 522EDSEducational Support
Marietta Rodriguez 523SHC     Student Health Center (Fronske)
Marietta Rodriguez 525STLDean of Students
Marietta Rodriguez 527STUStudent Union & Activities
Karin Ross 573KNAKNAU
Karin Ross 710CEDEC Admin & Instruction
Karin Ross 750NAYNAU Yuma
Marietta Rodriguez 760PLDPersonal Learning Division
Kerri Byrd 233/234BBRBureau of Business & Economic Research
Karin Ross Ending in 9100TRIFVarious