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Salary Encumbrances on Grants

Date:       June 12, 2013

Subject:   Salary Encumbrances on Grants

The salary budget-generated encumbrances on grants have been removed from the PeopleSoft Financial System.  Though in theory the concept was a good one, the converted data from Advantage to PeopleSoft skewed a large number of the encumbrances, thus creating inaccurate balances on the projects.   Because of the risk involved with inaccurate balances coupled with the PeopleSoft learning curve, it has been decided to remove the encumbrance function. 

Moving forward the departments will need to be acutely aware of any projected salary for all of their projects as NO salary encumbrances will be generated on grants neither through PeopleSoft nor through EPARs.  If you need assistance in projecting salaries on your grants, please feel free to contact your Post Award Administrator or contact me directly.

In the future we will still continue to explore salary encumbrances on grants and will at some time develop a proven process to enable us to reflect those encumbrances accurately.

This action does not affect encumbrances on budget categories outside of salaries such as operations, sub-contracts, travel, etc.    

Thank you,

Kerri Byrd

Director, Post Award Accounting and Fiscal Compliance




What is a speedchart?

    Speedcharts are used to help "speed" up the processing of a PS document.  

    Speedcharts are G + Project ID# = example G1001234 

Who Manages my Sponsored Project?

Please see Who Manages My Sponsored Project? on main page 


in PeopleSoft: Main Menu>Grants>Awards>Award Profile > click on hyperlink Attributes

Where can I find my old Advantage Dept/UnitWhy is my IDT being routed to PAASFC for approval?

Why is my IDT being routed to PAASFC for approval?

If the IDT falls under the following criteria it is considered a High Risk and therefore needs PAASFC review and approval before it is processed. 

  • Expense transfer greater than $1,000
  • Any expense transferred from funds outside of 3000, 3100, 3700, 3800 & 3900
  • All supplies and Materials Accounts (730*)  with exception of 730220 & 730240

What documents do I need to provide to PAASFC to ensure IDT approval?

  1. A copy of the invoice(s) or travel document(s)
  2. Justification that addresses the questions below. Cost Transfer Justification Form must be completed. 
    • How did the error occur?
    • What is the benefit of moving this expense to the debit or transfer to project id?
      • Note:  Because the current audit environment targets expense transfers to  project ID#, be specific; to simply state, “moving expense/supplies” is not acceptable.  When moving several items, name 2 or 3 of the major items being transferred.
    • What is being done to prevent this type of expense transfer in the future?
    • Why is the expense being moved so late?
      • If the transaction is over 90 days from the date the expense originally posted to the ledger, address the untimeliness.
    • The same documentation is required for all IDT’s on any sponsored project.

Where can I find more information regarding Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects?

PAASFC has provided Cost Transfer Guidelines under Policies on our website.