What we do:

Post Award Accounting Services and Fiscal Compliance (PAASFC) has the institutional responsibility for assuring the Arizona State Board of Regents (ABOR), the public, and the Federal government that the University has in-place systems and best practices for fiscal accountability and internal controls for sponsored project funds awarded to the University.  Specifically, our responsibility is to provide post-award fiscal compliance and administrative support to the University community while ensuring regulatory compliance with NAU, State, Private and Federal Policies, Procedures and guidelines.

Our functions include:

  • Fiscal administration and compliance of grants/contracts, cooperative agreements, and subcontracts with federal, private, and state sponsors.
  • Provide central oversight of the post-award fiscal activities of all sponsored projects.
  • Maintains the time and effort reporting system for sponsored projects.
  • Ensures compliance with applicable federal and state rules and regulations governing the fiscal compliance administration of sponsored projects.
  • Creates and promulgates sponsored project fiscal compliance administration polices and procedures.
  • Partners with Principal Investigators (PI's), the Office of Grant and Contract Services and Departmental Administration to ensure compliance with award terms and conditions.
  • Reviews and validates financial transaction to support research.
  • Prepares and submits financial reports and invoices in accordance with award terms and conditions.
  • Participates and is instrumental in the annual A-133 University Audits.
  • Develops training materials and conducts training programs on fiscal compliance sponsored project administration.



  • 01/06/2014 

    New Dynamic Security Role - The Post-Award Accounting Services and Fiscal Compliance (PAASFC) office has implemented a new dynamic security role for the principal investigators (PI’s). This role automatically assigns all of the necessary approval roles to a PI assigned to a grant project. This dynamic role is tied to a “flag” on the professional data page for each PI. If the PI has assigned a designated approver for that particular project, the “flag” is moved to that designated approver and they receive all of the appropriate approval roles, if they do not already have them. The PI will still be responsible for signing in and out of PeopleSoft Financials to ensure the proper setup of their user profiles. The PS Financials link is: PeopleSoft Financials Signon. If there are any questions, please e-mail Valerie.Wells@nau.edu

  • 12/18/2013 

    This is a reminder, the bi-annual Effort Distribution Reports (EDR) will be processed after the December 2013 month-end close.  To ensure complete and accurate reports, please process all  IPT’s that will impact the certification period of 07/01/2013 through 12/31/2013, PRIOR  to the month-end close of December 2013 (http://nau.edu/Comptroller/_Forms/Policies/106/).  The EDR is a certification required by OMB A-21.  Procedure for the department to complete the EDR remains the same.

    • Principal Investigator or Supervisor review EDR for accuracy.
    • If needed, write comments ONLY in the ‘Comments’ box.
    • Make sure EDR is returned with printed name and signature of verifier.
    • Return the EDR within 45 days of receipt to Post Award Accounting Services and Fiscal Compliance.
  • 11/14/2013  Updated IPT Instructions, IPT Checklist, and IPT Example

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