President's Welcome


Welcome to the Northern Arizona University Retirees Association (NAURA) home page.  We hope you find the links to the many web pages useful in getting to know about NAURA as a social, service and informational organization.

This is the 30th anniversary year of NAURA’s founding.  There will be some acknowledgement and celebration of this milestone during the year at our luncheon meetings.

We would like you to know the leadership of NAURA and their contributions of service to the Association.  Future issues of the FLASH Newsletter will feature two or more members of the Executive Committee with a brief bio and summary of the tasks they accomplish. Initially, primary attention will be given to the appointed members of the Executive committee as their behind the scenes work is vital to NAURA.  The 2015-16 Directory of elected and appointed committee members and their positions are listed herein, as is a complete list of Presidents for the past 30 years.

We have benefited the past two years from a closer relationship with University Advancement which provided NAURA with a paid Administrative Assistant (AA)/Clerk and office space in Old Main.  That position is currently vacant but an active search is under way to have it filled ASAP.

The 2015-16 year has and will be a busy one for your Executive Committee.  We have already completed position descriptions for all members, and the AA/Clerk as part of an internal “housekeeping task”.  The objective is to make for a more coordinated and efficient NAURA with roles and responsibilities clearly defined.  The NAURA Constitution and By Laws have not seen any change since 2003.  As the NAURA has matured and the broader NAU environment has grown and evolved, organizational change becomes necessary.  Some of that change may find expression in an update of our organizational documents.

The position descriptions for all Executive Committee members was turned over to the Ad Hoc Committee for revision of our Constitution/By Laws on July 1, 2015.  This committee has the responsibility to make and recommend changes to these documents back to the Executive Committee.  With Executive committee approval, any amendments to either document will be circulated to the membership at least 20 days prior to the annual business meeting.  A two-thirds majority of the members present and voting shall be required for adoption of the amendments.  Seeking membership approval for the proposed Constitution/By Laws changes will be the main agenda item for the April 2016 business meeting.

Just as important as it is that all retirees get to know the leadership and functions of NAURA, we want to get to know you.   Please come and join us at the luncheons and program meetings.



Warren E. Johnson

2015 – 2016 NAURA President