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Staff News

Monsoon Season: What You Need to Know

7-3-2014  We've had quite the monsoon last year, and and another is on its way this month, so be forewarned, forearmed, and ready to recover should disaster strike.The high winds and lightning strikes typical of mountain monsoons can damage power lines or poles and cause interruptions of power. Lightning can even directly strike a power substation or a transformer on a pole and cause power to fail nearby or miles away from the strike. Flash floods can damage equipment or cause facilities to shut down for safety reasons, and downed trees can take out utilities. In extreme situations, utility crews may be stretched so thin that responses to calls take hours to resolve. Although nature controls the narrative in these instances, you still have control to keep you and your information safe.

LOUIE and PeopleSoft: Bye-bye Paper and Hello to Online on July 1, 2014

6-23-2014  Faculty and staff who need to submit PeopleSoft and LOUIE administrative security requests can say hello to ePASS and bye-bye to bothersome paper forms. ePASS is NAU’s Electronic PeopleSoft Administrative Security System for paperless submission of security requests and revocations.

Accessibility Makes Every Site Better for Everyone

5-6-2014  Imagine filling out a form online. We all do it, right? Imagine now that the form you are filling out has no labels designating which field is which. Think you could still file that application, or register for classes, or make a payment to a utility company?


Staff IT Resources

FERPA Online Training

The FERPA Online Training Application provides a way for faculty and staff to become familliar with their and students rights and responsibilities under FERPA.


PeopleSoft (also known as "LOUIE") is NAU's student and employee information management system. ITS provides technical support for the PeopleSoft system. 

Web Hosting

This page lists the website hosting options available through ITS for personal and departmental use.

More ITS Resources for Staff

A complete alphabetic list of IT services for NAU Staff.


Getting Connected to Campus


Information and resources for Email at NAU.


Calendars and calendaring options at NAU.


Those attending or affiliated with NAU receive an NAU ID and a password to access online recources and applications.

Cell Phones & Mobile Devices

NAU resources available to cell phones and mobile devices.


Computers, Software, Data Storage, & File Sharing

Security & Antivirus

Security for your computers and information, including SSL certificates.

Computers - Institutional Purchasing

Information on institutional purchases of computers and accessories at educational discount.

Home Drive for Faculty and Staff - Bonsai

ITS offers centralized home drives to individuals with NAU domain accounts including all facutly, staff and student employees with SW accounts.  


NAUShares is a network storage area for department to store important work documents and files that need to be accessed by other people.

SharePoint at NAU

SharePoint allows you to quickly build project-based websites that you and your team members can use to share documents, communicate, and organize.


Getting Started

Telephones, Phones, Voicemail

ITS-provided telephone services for the university.