Wireless Internet Access

Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

Most NAU campus buildings and some statewide locations have wireless access.  

On the Mountain Campus, most Academic and Administrative buildings have two Wireless networks available.   The first, called NAU-Guest (Formerly NAU-Public), is available to all NAU guests and provides basic access to internet resources only. Upon connecting to NAU-Guest, users will be prompted to read and agreed to our acceptable use policy.  In an effort to be as accessible to guests as possible, the public network does not provide any built-in encryption.   If you use this network for sensitive work, or need to access resources normally blocked by the guest policy, we strongly recommend starting an encrypted VPN session to secure your network traffic and give you access to the broader NAU network. Also, please understand that access to the Internet via NAU-Guest has no parental-type control or filtering. NAU does not restrict content in that manner.

The second network available in most Mountain Campus Academic and Administrative buildings is named NAU (Formerly NAU-Secure).  The NAU network is available to faculty, staff or students with an NAU ID and Password.  This network uses the WPA2 Enterprise security protocol to automatically encrypt all data travelling on the Wireless network. There is no agreement page presented to users of NAU, and once devices connect and are logged in, they have full access to NAU network resources and will reconnect automatically each time the NAU network is in range, providing a secure, convenient Wireless connection.

Residence halls on the Mountain campus provide similar secured, and unsecured network choices.  If you live in an NAU residence hall and your device supports WPA2-Enterprise we recommend using the ResNet network for greatest privacy and security.


Wireless is available in most buildings and will be installed in new buildings as needed.

Support Information

Detailed directions on how to connect to NAU's secure wireless network in academic and administrative buildings on the mountain campus can be found in this document.

More information about Resnet and connecting to residential WiFi networks is available in this document.

If you're having trouble getting up and running with the wireless network, you can get help from the Solution Center (faculty/staff) at 523-1511 or the StudentTechnologyCenter (students) at 523-9294. 

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