SharePoint at NAU

Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

SharePoint Team Services is a web-based framework that allows you to quickly build project-based websites that you and your team members can use to share documents, communicate, and organize. 

The initial space allocation is 500 megabytes, which is expandable, if needed.

It's not just for web projects, either: you can use SharePoint for any document-based collaborative task. Budget spreadsheets, writing projects, mailing lists, photos, discussion groups, surveys, and pretty much anything else that requires teamwork and a computer can be managed and enhanced with SharePoint Team Services.

To Use This Service, You Will Need

Any Faculty, Staff, or Student can access a SharePoint if they have been given permissions to it.

How to Request

Please contact the Solution Center at 523-1511 to set up a SharePoint website for Departmental or Student Organizations at NAU.

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