Routers on ResNet

Available To: Students

From: NAU Residence Life and Student Technology Center
To: All Residents
Subject: Northern Arizona University Wireless—making it work!

So here's the deal...

Northern Arizona University is committed to providing excellent wireless service in all areas of every residence hall. This is a service that you expect and were promised.  University wireless is all you need—as long as there is no interference.

Despite our best efforts to accommodate personal wireless routers, we have found that these devices are creating too much interference with everyone's internet connections.  Beginning January 1, 2011, personal wireless routers were no longer allowed in the residence halls.

If you are currently using a personal wireless router, please turn it off and disconnect it from the network. Instead of using a personal wireless router, we are pleased to offer both wireless and wired connections in your residence hall.

Everyone wants to be connected. Let's work together to improve the wireless connectivity in your hall. Check out the details and monitor your hall's progress towards wireless success at

If you have any questions, contact our Student Technology Center:

Student Technology Center
Building 61
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, Arizona 86011
(928) 523-9294
(888) 520-7215

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ResNet, or Residential Network, provides a high-speed Ethernet and wireless connections to every student living in the residence halls of Northern Arizona University.