Instant Messaging (IM)

Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

Instant Messaging, also known as IM, is a form of real-time direct text-based communication between two or more people using personal computers or other, possibly mobile, devices via shared client software. The user's texts are sent over a network, e.g. the Internet. Some advanced instant messaging clients also allow voice and video messaging.

Student Instant Messaging

Google Hangouts

Training & Documentation

Instructions regarding setting up Lync Online Meetings in Microsoft Outlook 2013, 2010, and 2011.

Microsoft Lync is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform. With Lync, users can keep track of their contacts availability, send an IM, start or join an audio, video, or web conference, or make a phone call; all through a consistent and familiar interface. Lync is built to fully integrate with Micro