iPads at NAU

Available To: Faculty, Staff

The Apple iPad is a portable device that is having a dramatic impact on computing at NAU. This page summarizes some of the issues and opportunities for NAU community members considering the use of an iPad on campus.

The iPad is not a laptop and currently cannot replace a laptop for enterprise work for Faculty and Staff in the NAU environment.

Function  iPad   NAU Laptop 
Portable  Yes Yes
Browse the Web Yes Yes
NAU Enterprise Web Apps* No Yes
Microsoft Office No** Yes
Email/ Contacts/ Calendar  Yes Yes
Angry Birds  Yes No
Adobe Creative Suite No Yes
Access NAU File Shares No Yes

*Enterprise web apps include Business Objects Reporting, Peoplesoft (Louie), The ITS ServiceNow system, Blackboard Learn, and others. These may function or function partially  in the iPad web browser, but are not certified to run in the iPad browser and are not supported there by ITS.

**Microsoft Office has recently become available for iPad but doesn't currently support connecting to NAU enterprise file shares for secure document access.  We recommend it only for viewing Office documents at this time.

ITS currently provides support for the following services on iPads:

ITS is also pleased to provide an NAU-specific mobile application for iPhone/iPad. This NAU Mobile app gives access to the Blackboard Learn application as well as campus maps, bus routes, dining options, access to the campus directory, athletics information, and many other NAU resources. iPad users can download the NAU application for free from the iTunes App Store. Search the app store for "NAU Mobile".

There may be iPad apps in the app store that turn some of the no's in the table above into yeses, or at least yeses with asterisks.   ITS does not recommend or support specific apps in the iPad App Store.  

Applications on Apple iOS devices like the iPad are licensed to the individual who purchases them through the Apple App Store. Apple does not currently provide a practical mechanism for NAU to purchase apps on your behalf. If you wish to buy an app that will be used strictly for university business, speak to your supervisor and department business manager before you buy the app to see if they can reimburse you for the purchase. 

If you believe an iPad would be a useful tool for your work at NAU, you can purchase one through the Online Apple Store for Education, or from the NAU Bookstore.

To Use This Service, You Will Need

Apple iOS devices including the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad are often purchased with personal funds. Personally owned devices being used by Faculty and Staff cannot be supported by ITS because policies prohibit use of state resources to support private equipment, and Arizona Board of Regents guidelines that prohibit university services from competing with private businesses.   

If your iPad was purchased with NAU funds, please call property services to have it tagged with an NAU Property Control Number (PCN). The ITS Solution Center is happy to help Faculty and Staff using institutionally owned iPads having issues related to supported services. Please call 928-523-1511 for service.

Students can get assistance with personally owned devices such as iPads at the Student Technology Center.  

Support Information

The ITS Solution Center and PC Support provide limited support for iPad devices owned by the University (with an NAU PCN tag).  The Student Technology Center provides support for iPad devices personally owned by students. 

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