Enterprise Voice

Available To: Faculty, Staff

Enterprise Voice

In the ongoing effort to provide unified communications to NAU, ITS is offering a variety of telephony and voicemail options. Traditional telephone and voicemail services allow you to use a desk phone and access voicemail from the handset, from the web, or from an off-campus phone.

Exchange Unified Messaging with Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging utilizes a software-based telephone through Office Communicator on your Windows-based computer, eliminating the need for a phone on your desk, and delivers voicemail to your email Inbox.

If you would like to switch to Exchange Unified Messaging, call ITS Solution Center at 523-1511. The Solution Center will open an SOS work order, which will be routed to PC support to coordinate your switch to Exchange Unified Messaging.

The switch to Exchange Unified Messaging will discontinue the service to your traditional desk phone, so before this occurs, you must purchase a computer-based telephone device compatible with Exchange Unified Messaging from this list of Supported Hardware. Most NAU Customers choose a USB handset, or a wired or wireless headset. ITS has experience primarily with the Jabra wired handsets and wireless headsets but any device on Microsoft's certified device list should work.

Once we confirm you are in possession of your computer-based phone device, PC Support will install it, give you a brief tutorial on how to use Microsoft Lync 2010 then have Telecom switch you from the traditional phone system.

Please note that once the transfer of service is complete, your traditional phone will not be functional, and you will not be able to place calls without your computer and computer-based phone device.

For a guide on how to use Exchange Unified Messaging, please visit http://www.nau.edu/its/learn/ms_exchange_voicemail/.

Macintosh Clients

Mac users should take note that to have Lync 2011 work correctly with Exchange Unified Messaging you will need to install the following packages in consecutive order:

  1. Lync 2011 for Mac
  2. Lync update 14.0.1
  3. Lync update 14.0.4

For any questions or concerns with installing Lync 2011 for Mac please call the ITS Solution Center at 928-523-1511.

To Use This Service, You Will Need

You must have a computer running Microsoft Windows XP or higher or Mac OS X 10.5 or higher,  connected to NAU's network and must purchase your own computer-based phone device from Microsoft's List of Compatible devices before converting to Exchange Unified Messaging Service.

How to Request

Call the Solution Center at 928-523-1511 to request to be switched to Exchange Unified Messaging service.


Exchange Unified Messaging is only available on the Flagstaff Mountain Campus.

Support Information


Service (TPS)



Options Available      
Hunt group  
Desk phone
Call pick-up  
Call park  
Call hold
Conference call
Call forward
Last number redial
Access to voicemail on web
Transfer phone call
Transfer voicemail within system
Divert calls to voicemail
Team line
Automatic call distribution (ACD)
Speed dial / Abbreviated dial
Response group services
Call pickup/Delegate
Message Waiting Indicator*
Access to voicemail in IRIS inbox  
Ability to see missed calls    
Seamless telecommuting    
Add subject and importance to call    
Transfer voicemail to other system**      

Traditional Phone Service(TPS): Desk phone with traditional voicemail

TPS w/IRIS Unified Messaging: Desk phone with voicemail to email inbox

Exchange Unified Messaging: Soft phone via computer interface, with voicemail to email inbox

Hunt Group - Incoming calls are rotated through a pool of lines until a free line is found and the caller is connected

Call park- Allows a call to be parked at a specific parking number for retrieval from any extension. Allows a person to put a call on hold at one telephone and continue the conversation from any other telephone

Conference call - TPS allows up to 6 parties to be connected; EV allows up to 35 parties to be connected

Call forward - allows you to forward incoming calls to a different telephone number

Divert calls to voicemail - Call forward your calls directly to voice mail

Team line- An additional line on the phone that may ring on several phones at the same time

Automatic call distribution (ACD) - This is a special line that departments use for a call center. Incoming calls are distributed to a specific group of agent telephones. If the number of active calls is less than the number of agent telephones, the next call will be routed to the agent telephone that has been in the idle state the longest. If all agent telephones are busy, the incoming calls are held in a first-in-first-out queue until an agent telephone becomes available

Response group services - Incoming phone calls are routed or queued to one or more designated agents

Call pick-up/Delegate - Allows you to pick up another ringing line from your phone

*Message Waiting Indicator - Indicates that you have a voicemail that has not been listened to. On the TPS with a desk phone, the indicator is a red flashing light; on IRISUM, the indicator is a flashing telephone icon in the system tray.

**Transfer voicemail to other system - There is no way to transfer voicemail from one system to the other. You may forward IRIS UM voicemails to other people via email, or you may download and forward a traditional email via the web interface.

Training & Documentation

Find video tutorials for the Enterprise Voice mail system.