Updated Web Browsers

Browser icons

This Fall, ITS will be upgrading Web browsers for our Windows and Macintosh PC’s. The updated Web browsers have been tested with most of NAU’s enterprise Web apps, and our Solution Center stands ready to support them.

For Windows the new browsers will include Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 10 Extended Service Release, and, for the first time, Google Chrome (supported for use in the new Web Content Management (CMS) System only).

For Macintosh, the new Web browsers include Apple’s Safari 6, Mozilla Firefox 10, and Google Chrome (supported for use in the Web CMS only).

All Windows systems imaged or re-imaged by ITS will have all the new browsers. We are also sharing the updated system images with IT Pros across campus to allow them to customize those images for their own departmental deployments. The browsers in the GreenPC server environment used by our Thin Clients and others will also be updated. PC Support is working to automate the update to Internet Explorer 9  for existing Windows desktops campus-wide in September.

Fall 2012
9/7/2012 1:25:20 PM