Communité Voicemail System Quick Tips

voice mail keypad

The University has been using the Communité voicemail system for about two years. In the last ITS survey several respondents expressed concern that the system seemed cumbersome and time-consuming. Although there are indeed many features and menus to go through, most of them can be bypassed by a keystroke or two. We would like to highlight a few shortcuts and useful features:

  1. When you call an extension and are connected to a voice mailbox, you can press 1 or # to bypass the greeting and leave a message. If you are calling a main number that has an auto attendant (menu tree), you can make a selection if you already know the option you want without listening to the entire announcement.
  2. You do not need to listen to the prompts after you log in to your voice mailbox to access functions. For instance, to listen to new messages, press 1,1 immediately after you enter your passcode. You can also eliminate the announcement of how many messages you have.  Go to the voicemail web application and log in using your 5-digit extension in the Username field and your passcode in the Password field. Under the Options/Telephone Interface, click “none” under Play Message Counts and click the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. You can also use the web interface to listen to messages and perform some functions using your computer. Go to the voicemail web application and enter your 5-digit extension as the Username and your passcode as the Password.
  4. To record a new greeting press 5,4,1 immediately after you log in to your voice mail account and follow the prompts (unless you already know the functions). 
  5. You can also change your greeting to announce your status, such as “Out of the Office” with a return time, by logging in to the voicemail web application
    • Select the "until" button and and change your status and choose the time and/or date. 
    • Then go to Options/Telephone Interface
    • Under Mailbox Greeting check the boxes in front of “Play my status when callers reach my Voicemail”
    • Check the box “Play my out of office greeting to callers when my status enables it”
    • Uncheck the box in front of “Play my recorded greeting"
    • Make sure the box in front of “Play my mailbox name when callers reach my Voicemail” is checked to identify your mailbox
    • Press the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen. The system will no longer announce the “until” time after it passes but you will need to go to the web page and update your status and recheck the box in front of “Play my recorded greeting”.   
  6. If you need to check another mailbox after listening to your messages press the * key twice and it will prompt you to enter a mailbox number, then the passcode for that mailbox.


For more information on this system please visit the learning resources for voicemail website or call Bernice Frost or Rose Lopez at 523-7474


Fall 2011
8/12/2011 10:08:13 AM