Voice Mail: Moving from Communite' to Microsoft Unified Messaging

Date Created: 5/15/2013 3:28:23 PM

After extensive testing and early deployment inside selected departments, this summer NAU will consolidate voice mail services into Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging (UM), replacing the Communite'  system in current use. The deployment will occur in stages, department by department, reaching completion before the fall 2013 term.

One of the many added benefits of UM is the notification by email of received voice mails. The email will contain an audio file directly accessible to the user with just a simple click. And in addition to this easy access, voice mails can be organized inside Outlook/Exchange by sender, date, subject, or other criteria.

You will still be able to access your voice mailbox using a telephone handset whether on or off campus, as before. When on campus, if you use your own office phone, you'll be recognized and only need to enter your personal identification number (PIN). If using other phones to dial in, you'll need to enter your mailbox number and PIN, which you will set on your first access of UM via telephone and at any time you want to change it, without need to contact telecommunication personnel. All the information will be sent in an email once your account is converted.

If you have important voice mails on Communite' you wish to preserve, these can be saved to your computer by following a simple video tutorial.

Staff or faculty already using Lync for telephone service or those already using Exchange UM will not be affected. 

The move to Unified Messaging will bring better integrated services and support to all telephone users and also offer features not previously available. You will be able to send, receive, store, and find the exact information you want regardless of the form it's in and wherever you happen to be. Your email, voice mail, and calendar information will all be available inside a single interface, saving time and effort.