ResNet: Wireless B Connections are Disabled

Wireless B (IEEE 802.11b) connections have been disabled on the ResNet wireless system. The wireless B protocol is several years old and very few devices (if any) are manufactured to only utilize the B protocol. This protocol is also slower than wireless G or N (the newer protocols), and can slow down connections around them. 

For example, if someone is connected to a router using a B connection, the transmission from that person's device to the router is slower than someone who is connected with a G or N connection. Since routers can only accept one transmission at a time, those people using G or N connections have to wait while the slower B connection takes place. Thousands of these transmissions happen in a second, and while that seems fast, over time the slower B connection will cause a bottleneck for other devices having to wait for it.

Finally, because so few devices were connected to our network using solely the B connection, we believed it was in the best interest of the ResNet wireless system to disable to B protocol in order to increase wireless speed for everyone. 

If you have a computer that only supports wireless B, you must purchase a G or N wireless adapter in order to connect to the wireless network. The adapter your purchase can support either 2.4GHz or 5GHz connections.


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