VLab Connection Instructions using Windows

  1. The Remote Desktop Connection is included in Windows, you will find it on the Start Menu by clicking on All Programs, going to the Accessories folder, if you are using Windows XP it will be in the Communications folder within the Accessories folder.
    Windows Start menu showing the Remote Desktop Connection. 
  2. When Remote Desktop Connection opens, you will type in the computer name vlab.nau.edu 
    Remote Desktop Connection program window allowing you to enter the computer name that you wish to connect to.  
  3. Next you will need to enter your login information, as pictured below. Replace xyz123 with your UID and type your password in the correct field.  In the Domain field you will type "nau-students" if you are a student and "nau" if you are faculty or staff, note if you have saved your credentials the same domain will be applied to every login from the computer you are on.
    Entering your credentials to log into the Virtual Lab.  
  4. As the VLab is running an operating system prior to Windows Vista, you will see the following information if you are on Windows Vista. To finish logging in, click the "Yes" button.
    Possible error that can occur if you are using Windows Vista.  Select 'Yes' to enter the Virtual Lab as this is an informational error only. 

NOTE: If you are using a version of windows earlier than XP or Vista, you may need to download and install the Remote Desktop Client.  You can find this download at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/tools/rdclientdl.mspx.


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