View Invoices

An Invoice is a statement of itemized charges. In this case, it is an invoice of charges due to Northern Arizona University which you can view online in LOUIE. These invoices are also mailed to your billing address.

To view your Invoices online, you will need to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in on your computer. To get the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.

Click the View Invoices link under the My Account subheading for Finances in your LOUIE Student Center (figure 1). If you do not see Financial Aid or the list of links underneath the Finances heading, click on the green triangle in front of the word Finances to display them.

Figure 1

LOUIE Student Center Finances Tab

On the Archived Invoices page, you will see a list of monthly Billing Statements the University has generated for charges associated with your current student status at NAU. If an invoice is not listed for a particular month then there was no activity for that month and an invoice was not printed. Click on the View Invoice link across from the Invoice Label column for the monthly invoice you wish to view (figure 2). 

You can also receive your Invoices mailed to you by checking the box “I want future invoiced mailed to me” (figure 2).

Figure 2

Archived Invoices Page

Your monthly invoice will be shown just as it appears when it arrives in the mail with itemized charges, due dates, and Activity Detail with Current and Future charges that are due. Note the EXCEPTION statement in the middle of the Message from the Student and Departmental Accounting Services which states: if you have enough financial aid to pay the full amount, you may disregard this deadline. Since financial aid does not appear on this invoice, however, you must check your financial aid amounts in LOUIE. See the View Financial Aid tutorial for more information.

Figure 3

Invoice Information


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