SOS (ITS Service Order System) Known Issues

ServiceNow has replaced the ITS Service Order System (SOS)

ServiceNow is now the service, change, and work request system for ITS, replacing the ITS Service Order System (SOS).


The following list contains known issues and bugs related to the ITS Service Order System (SOS). If you run across other functional bugs while using the system, please submit them in an SOS ticket.


Ticket Deletion

"New Contact Ticket" and "New Assist Ticket" cannot be deleted in some cases

Issue: If the SOS user belongs to multiple groups, the resulting blank contact or assist ticket will not have the option of being deleted.

Ticket deletion may result in errors for others still editing the ticket

Issue: Two people working on the same ticket at the same time can result in database key violations if one user deletes the ticket before the second person saves.


Admin Pages

Notifications tab on the Application Admin page

Issue: The Notifications tab used for composing Email alert messages formats the HTML in a way that often exceeds the 4000 character limit. This results in an error.


Session Issues

Session Timeout is set to 10 hours

Issue: SOS sessions can timeout after 10 hours of being logged on. Work will be lost if the session times out. To prevent this, please close your browser and re-log on to SOS periodically.


Related Services

Available to studentsAvailable to facultyAvailable to staff

A service request system that allows faculty and staff to directly submit requests for ITS services. Students, faculty, staff, and affiliates may view work submitted on their behalf.