SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and New Features

In December 2011 Information Technology Services (ITS) upgraded our SharePoint server from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010. The new version includes many new features. A couple of them will be highlighted here.


New Navigation

SharePoint 2010 has new navigation.  Some of the locations of items have moved. For example, the Site Actions drop down is now in the upper left hand corner. One of the most significant changes is the addition of the Ribbon. This brings many of the SharePoint controls into one place so they are easier to find. The Ribbon interface is very similar to the user interface in the Microsoft Office products like Microsoft Word 2010. Different Ribbon contents appear depending on what you are editing. For example, the Ribbon for managing permissions looks like this.
SharePoint New Nav
Figure: SharePoint New Nav
The Ribbon for editing a list has many more controls and looks like this.
SharePoint New Ribbon
Figure: SharePoint New Ribbon


Office Web Apps

Another new feature of SharePoint 2010 is called Office Web Apps. This allows you to edit Microsoft Office Documents in your web browser instead of having to download them first. This mainly applies to Word and Excel documents. In order to edit a document in your browser you navigate to the correct folder in your Shared Documents folder. From there, click on the drop down arrow next to the document name. 
SharePoint Office Web Apps
Figure: SharePoint Office Web Apps
 In the menu that appears select the “Edit in Browser” option. 
SharePoint Web Apps Dropdown
Figure: SharePoint Web Apps Dropdown


...and Many Many More

There are far too many features in SharePoint 2010 to go into them all in this article. Instead, links have been provided to direct you to information from Microsoft and other sources that can help you learn more.

One feature of SharePoint that ITS is using more is lists. Lists aren’t new in SharePoint 2010. They have been there for a while. We use them for lists of servers, lists of projects or tasks, lists of production jobs and we are about to convert our staff OnCall list to a SharePoint List. A SharePoint List is a web version of a list of data that you might keep in a spreadsheet or simple database. It is any easy way to share lists of data in one place. If you want to use other tools to analyze the data, you can export the list to spreadsheet or Microsoft Access database. If you want to create a list from data you already have, you can import a spreadsheet into a SharePoint list. Microsoft has a good introduction to lists here SharePoint lists I.

Other information about SharePoint 2010 includes marketing material but if you want to learn how to use SharePoint you can skip ahead to the SharePoint 2010 Resources for End Users. There are lots of tutorials and videos on the many features of SharePoint 2010. The training site also offers eight courses about SharePoint including good Getting Started and Essential Training classes.

To get a account or if you have specific questions or need more help getting started you can call the ITS Solution Center at 523-1511.