Computer Backup Information - Saving Important Data

Saving Important Data 

(If there is more than one person who logs on to the computer, EACH person will need to log on and save their data.)


Determine where you will store your data. The best place to keep data is on your H drive (a.k.a. Home drive). This server (bonsai) keeps your data accessible to you at all times and is backed up on a daily basis. If your computer crashes it will NOT affect any data stored on this network drive. Your H drive is automatically mapped for you every time you log onto your NAU domain computer. So all you have to do is double-click your My Computer icon, then double-click the drive called "[userid] on ''".

If you do not want to use your H drive, you can back up to a blank CD or to another hard drive.


Determine what data you need to save. 

Windows XP:
Most files are saved in the My Documents folder. The best way to view what folders are on your hard drive (and see your My Documents folder) is to RIGHT-CLICK on My Computer and choose Explore. Using the file structure on the left you can check the contents of the folders on your C drive. To find your My Documents folder, navigate to: Local Disk (C:) > Documents and Settings > your user name > My Documents. If there are several users, make sure that you check with the other people who use the computer so you can save their documents as well. Each user will have a My Documents folder under their user name folder.

Windows Vista and 7:
Most files are saved in the Documents folder. This folder is typically located at Local Disk (C:) > Users > User Name > Documents.

If you have files or folders on your desktop they will be located at Local Disk (C:) > Documents and Settings > your user name > desktop or Local Disk (C:) > Users > your user name > Desktop. 


Copy your data to the storage area. This is easily accomplished by opening the source and destination folders and clicking and dragging your data folders.

Or you can: 

  • open the folder where data is stored
  • use Ctrl + a to select all the items within the folder OR hold down the CTRL key and click on the files you wish to save
  • use Ctrl + c to copy the data
  • open the destination folder (on your H drive or whatever storage you've chosen)
  • use Ctrl + v to paste the data into the destination folder


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