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The steps below outline the procedure for approving NAU Departmental Journals.  These journals can be in one of two forms, an Internal Departmental Transfer (IDT) or Internal Service Center Transfer (IST).  These Journal types are determined by the journal initiator selecting the appropriate Journal Source (IDT or IST) on the journal Header page. The Journal Source determines the initial workflow approval path (see Departmental Journal Overview document out in the SharePoint for additional details).

Users who are setup to approve PS Financial transactions (requisitions, employee reimbursements and departmental journals) for PS Departments (State or Local accounts) and or Projects (grants) must also have the appropriate security roles in order to apply their approval.  Project managers for grants will automatically receive the security roles to approve PS Financial transactions.  PS Department Managers must request the appropriate roles for the different types of transactions (see ). To add or change users setup to approve transactions for a Department or Project, please submit the appropriate form at: .  Please note that more than one user is allowed to approve transactions for PS Departments, but only one user can approve transactions for PS Projects (grants).  

Approving Departmental Journal:

After successfully validating and budget checking a departmental journal,  the journal initiator submits the journal for workflow approval.  Submitting the journal for approval will generate an e-mail notification to the approvers. 

Example e-mail Notification of Submitted Journal

Journals requiring approval can also be accessed from the approver’s Worklist page.  This is the same page where other transactions requiring approvals will be listed (e.g., Requisition and Expense transactions).

Approver's Worklist Page

By clicking the hyperlink, approvers will be taken to the journal line page of the journal.  If not already logged in, the approver will have to login first.

Approval Tab

Approvers should review the Fund, Dept and Account for appropriateness.  Approvers will have to know the Dept codes for which they are authorized approvers as there could be transaction lines included in the journal for which they are not authorized approvers.  Use the scroll bar to view amount and accounting line descriptions.  Click on the “Approval” tab to apply or deny approval.


After submitting the journal for approval from the Lines page through the Submit Journal process, click the Approval page to view approval status and history.  See approval screenshots and routing flowchart below:

Approval Status and Submitting the Approval

Approval Action:  Defaults to “Approve”.  Select “Deny” to deny approval.  

Important!!! Please enter the reason for denying the journal in the “Deny Comment” box to inform the journal initiator why you are not approving the journal. 

Submit:  Click the “Submit” button after selecting the Approve or Deny approval action.

After submitting your approval, the approval status will be updated as shown below:

Journal Statuses

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