Quick Steps in the Outlook 2010 Ribbon Menu

Quick Steps is a great new feature in Microsoft Outlook 2010 that allows Outlook users to perform multiple actions to their e-mail messages with a single click of the button. The Quicksteps can be found under the Home tab in the Quick Step groups.

Quick Steps  

Default Quick Steps

There are several default quick steps that come with every installation of Outlook 2010. Some of these quick steps you will need to customize. For example, when you click on the Team E-mail button you will initially be prompted to add the email addresses of your team. Add these addresses and then click save.

First Time Setup 

Now when you click on the Team E-mail button it will automatically popup a new email message with the addresses preloaded in the To: field.

Default Quick Steps in Outlook 2010 include the following:

Quick Step Action
Move to: Moves the selected message to a mail folder you specify and marks the message as read.
To Manager Forwards the message to your manager. If your organization uses Microsoft Exchange Server, your manager's name is detected in the Global Address List and inserted in the "To" box, or you can specify the recipient.
Team E-mail Forwards the message to others in your team. If your organization uses Microsoft Exchange Server, your team members' names are detected in the Global Address List and inserted in the "To" box.
Done Moves the message to a specified mail folder, marks the message complete, and then marks it as read.
Reply & Delete Opens a reply to the selected message, and then deletes the original message.
Create New Create your own Quick Step to execute any sequence of commands, name it, and then apply an icon to help you identify it.

Creating New Quick Steps

  1. While in Mail, go to the Home tab, and in the Quick Steps group click the Create New Quick Step.

    Edit Quick Step

  2. In the Name box, type a name for this new Quick Step.
  3. To change the icon, Click the icon button to the left of the Name box, click the desired icon, and then click OK.

    Choose an action type from the action type list.
  4. Under Actions, choose an action that you want the Quick Step to do. Click Add Action for any additional actions.
  5. If you want to create a keyboard shortcut, in the Shortcut key box, click the keyboard shortcut that you want to assign.
  6. Click finish when you are finished.

Now when you click on the Quick Step button or use the keyboard shortcut it will follow those actions that you set.