Windows 8 - Closing Applications

Windows 8 applications will run in the background until you close them.  This is done differently than in previous versions of Windows.  You can close Windows 8 applications by following these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1

Windows 8 Close Metro Apps 1.5

First you need to check to see if you have any applications running.  To do this, move the cursor to the top left-hand corner of the screen.  Any running applications will appear when you hover over that spot with the cursor.  This will work on any screen.  Left-click the desired application to open it.

Step 2

Windows 8 Close Metro Apps 2

Once the application is open, move the cursor to the top center of the screen.  When you see it change to a hand, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3

Windows 8 Close Metro Apps 3

Left-click and drag the application window down to the bottom of the screen.  Once the application is at the bottom of the screen, release the left mouse button to close it.


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