Office 2010 Mini Translator

With Microsoft Office 2010 Mini Translator you can select a word or phrase and receive immediate translation by hovering directly over the selection. Additionally, you will receive other information about that word or phrase. Just hover your mouse over the word or phrase and a small box will appear with this translation information. The Mini Translator works in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

To use the mini translator you must first make sure that it is on. To do this, go to the Review tab and in the Language group, select Translate.  

Review Tab 



The Mini Translator icon will be highlighted if it is enabled. If it is disabled it will not be highlighted.

Mini Translator is enabled 

Mini Translator is Enabled 

Mini Translator is disabled 

Mini Translator is Disabled 

To enable the Mini Translator, click on the icon.

The first time you enable the Mini Translator you will be prompted to select the language to Translate to: and Translate from:. 

 Translation Language Options 

Now, when you receive a document, select a word or phrase and hover your mouse over it. You will then see a box appear with translation information.