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Using Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging

Old voicemail messages will remain on the Communite system for 2 weeks after the conversion. Important voicemails may be preserved on your computer by following this short video tutorial. Because the conversion is taking place during the summer, users will be asked to verify that they have retrieved important old voicemails before they are removed from the system.


Accessing Voicemail

Voicemail may be accessed from any phone by dialing the access number, 523-0076 (for Enterprise Voice users, 523-0008).
Please note: When accessing through the TUI (telephone user interface) for the first time, the speech command is the default for the system. To change this setting to touchtone, press any number then press 0 (zero) after you enter your PIN. You can also change this by saying "Personal Options" and then pressing 4 after entering your PIN. Also, once you have decided which interface to use (voice or touch-tone), you must continue to use that one unless you go back through the menu and change it. For example, you cannot speak one option, and then use the touch-tone for the next. 

Navigating Voice Access: Voice User Interface: 


Navigating Voice Access: Touchtone User Interface:


Resetting your PIN:
New users: Your temporary PIN will be sent to you through email with instructions to “Call your Outlook Voice Access number [523-0076] and enter your PIN at the prompt.”

Pin Requirements:

  • Use numbers only
  • Use six (6) or more digits
  • Do not use the telephone # as the PIN
  • Do not use numbers in sequence

 Existing Voicemail Users:
If you do not know your PIN, log in to OWA at https://iris.nau.edu/owa/ Options > Phone > Voice Mail > Reset PIN. You will receive an email with the subject line “Your PIN Has Been Reset” containing your new temporary PIN. The next time you access your voicemail using a phone, follow the prompts to reset your PIN.

Notification of new voicemails will be sent to your email inbox with a clickable audio file of the full message. This message will include a text translation of the voicemail. It is important to listen to the audio file to verify the contents of the message.

Listening to Voice Messages through Outlook or the Outlook Web App (OWA):

Voicemail Forgotten

Listening to Voicemail through Outlook:

  • Play on the Phone plays the message through your office phone handset. You will be prompted to enter the phone number. To hear the message via your computer speakers, press the play button.
  • Edit Notes allows you to add notes to the email.
  • Voicemail Preview is a text of the audio message. Please note that the audio translation may not be accurate.

Managing Voicemail Options using Outlook on your Desktop or OWA:



  • With Outlook open, click “file”, then “info”. 
  • From there, click the “Manage Voicemail” button.
  • This will send you to the Outlook Web Application (OWA) login. When this opens, sign in with your NAU user ID and password.
  • Follow the “OWA” instructions below.

Outlook Web Access:



  • From OWA (https://iris.nau.edu/owa/), click “Options” (top right corner of the screen).
  • Then “See All Options”.
  • The mail options will open. From there, click “Phone”.
  • Select “Voicemail”.

There are many options, including: 

  • Voicemail Preview: Turn voicemail text preview emails on/off.
  • PIN Options: To reset the PIN, click the link “Reset my Voicemail PIN”, then click “OK”. A new temporary PIN will be emailed to you.
  • Voicemail Greeting: You can choose to have a default greeting, or record your own greeting.
  • Play on Phone: Your office phone number should appear in the text box. This is the number that is called to play the messages.
  • Outlook Voice Access: Here you can choose which email folder you would like to store the text translations of the voicemail messages in. You can also specify the order in which the voicemails are read.
  • Notifications: Allows you to customize the email notifications for your account.
  • Call Answering Rules: Specify how you’d like the system to react to calls when you aren’t available. You can have calls forwarded to an alternate number, or customize a special greeting for a specific time.

Setting Up Text Message Notifications:

  1. Under Voicemail > Notifications select when you would like to be notified (when you have voice messages or missed calls).
  2. Under the Phone options, press Text Messaging, then Turn on Notifications.
  3. Enter your Locale and Mobile Operator.
  4. Next
  5. Enter your cell phone number.
  6. Next
  7. The system will send you an SMS message to your cell phone with a 6-digit passcode. When you receive it, enter it.
  8. Next
  9. Click Save


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Training & Documentation

This is a link to Microsoft's Outlook Web Access (OWA) tutorial.