Purchasing Computers, Software, and Accessories


Information Technology Services works with NAU Purchasing to negotiate and maintain several agreements with major vendors to provide discounted educational pricing for institutional purchases. Starting in the winter of 2015-16 NAU implemented Centralized Purchasing for Windows and Macintosh computers.   Employees should use the resources on the ServiceNow Self-Service portal to select and order these computers for institutional use.   ITS offers consultation on new computer purchases. If you would like assistance configuring a computer, call us at 928-523-1511. A technician will help you select a computer that will fit your needs.

The information on this page is for NAU faculty and staff. Students should contact the NAU bookstore for information on purchasing computers, printers and software.


Dell Computers

NAU has an exclusive contract with Dell for the purchase of Windows-based desktop computers, notebooks, and servers. It is a contract violation to purchase a Windows desktop or laptop system from any other vendor. Macintosh desktops and laptops, and Unix-based equipment such as Sun systems, fill technical needs not met by Dell offerings and therefore may be purchased. We suggest you review the computer support policy and hardware support policy prior to buying.  

ITS currently supports and provides full on-site warranty and non-warranty repair for the following business-class Dell computer system families:

  • Dell OptiPlex desktops
  • Dell Latitude laptops

Beginning winter of 2015-16, NAU has implemented Centralized Purchasing for both Dell and Apple Macintosh computer products.   To see a list of available products and place your order online, please visit  the ServiceNow Self-Service page at https://nau.service-now.com


Apple Computers

ITS currently supports the following families of Macintosh computers and provides on-site warranty and non-warranty repairs for them:

  • iMac desktops
  • Mac Mini desktops
  • Mac Pro desktops
  • MacBook Pro laptops
  • MacBook Air laptops

ITS also supports the following Apple mobile products for integration with enterprise e-mail, calendering and contacts sync. We cannot provide on-site repair for these devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad

Institutional purchases of Macintosh computers can be made through Centralized Computer Purchasing via the ServiceNow Self-Service page at https://nau.service-now.com

Educationally discounted personal Apple purchases can be made through the NAU Bookstore.  AppleCare warranty extensions are optional, but recommended for Apple mobile products such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

For institutional purchases of Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices, visit the Apple Store for Education.   To purchase through the Apple Store for Education, you must first create an Apple ID  and then register that ID with Apple's Institutional Education store. NAU staff making institutional purchases with P-cards only need to request the role of "Proposer"; the "Purchaser" role is for people using purchase orders.  As part of the registration process, your supervisor will be asked (via email or phone) to approve your access to the institutional education store.  You will not be able to log in to the store until  they respond to approve your access, and Apple's education store staff process that approval. If you have further questions or difficulty with the process, you can email education.store@apple.com or call 800-800-2775.



ITS offers full and partial support for several widely-used software packages. Visit our software support policy to determine which software packages are supported. If you are looking to purchase software that is not part of the universities software support policy please review our software support guidelines before making any purchases. The following information is provided as a convenience for NAU faculty and staff and does not imply that software purchased will be supported by ITS.

Microsoft software: NAU has a site license for Vista/7/8, Office and Sharepoint Designer. This site license covers NAU faculty, staff and some affiliates. Full details of software covered under this site license can be found on our Microsoft Campus Agreement page. To purchase Microsoft software that is not covered under this agreement, contact one of the vendors listed at the bottom of this page and quote Microsoft Open Authorization SN#61287455ZZE081.

Adobe software: NAU has an Adobe CLP contract which allows us to purchase Adobe products at a significant discount. As of August, 2008, NAU signed an agreement that made faculty, staff and students eligible to purchase the products for personal use at the same discount level. The Bookstore intends to sell the discounted products directly but is in the process of setting up their program. ITS will help notify the campus when that service is available. To purchase Adobe software, contact one of the vendors listed at the bottom of this page and quote CLP#4400270959.

ESRI GIS Software: Geographic Information System software and services. This site license is managed by a consortium of campus ArcGIS sites. This web page provides information about the license and how to acquire the software and services.

Intergraph: Remote Sensing (ERDAS Imagine) and Photogrammetry (LPS) software. Seats are limited. Some flexibility may exist, however, and the license can be expanded. Contact Ke-Sheng.Bao@nau.edu for further information.

Statistics Packages: SAS and SPSS statistics packages are available through an NAU site license. You may purchase these packages for departmental or personal use through the ITS Software Store.


HP Printers

Our exclusive contract with Dell for desktop and  laptop computers prohibits NAU staff from making institutional purchases of such computers from any other vendors.  NAU Departments may choose to purchase HP printers through the HP website and select either 'Black and White LaserJet' or 'Color Printers' . ITS provides support and on-site repairs for only the HP LaserJet family printers.


Computer Accessories and Parts

ITS maintains vendor relationships with a variety of computer parts and accessory vendors. We can order just about any component for your computer, usually at below-market prices. Below are just a few of the categories of parts that we can order.

  • Adapters and Cables
  • Optical Drives
  • Floppy Drives
  • Hard Drives (internal or external)
  • USB Flash drives
  • Keyboards & Mice
  • Laptop Parts
  • Memory
  • Network Cards
  • Sound/Video Cards
  • Ancillary parts

Please call if you need a part and we'll let you know if we have any in stock. Often we can get parts at below market prices. It's worth a phone call to check! Call the Solution Center at 928-523-1511.

To order, please fill out a work order—remember to include your departmental billing information in the description field.


Vendor Contacts

Dell Hardware    

Brad Reed
Phone: 512-513-9581
Email: brad_reed@dell.com

Joseph "Tyler" White
Phone: 405-713-5112
Email: Joseph_T_White@dell.com

Aaron Gallagher
Phone: 800-876-3507 EXT. 12528
Fax: 972-481-2100
E-Rate #: 143032938


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