Android Exchange Email Setup via the Touchdown App


NAU faculty and staff can synchronize Exchange e-mail, calendars, contacts, and tasks to their Android phones over the air via the ActiveSync protocol. Note that ITS only fully supports the “Touchdown” application that is available through the Android Market. This program costs $19.99, but has a free 30-day trial so you can determine whether or not this program is something you would like to purchase for continued use. 

Before you begin using Exchange for mobile devices you will first need to agree to NAU's Mobile Device policies at:


Downloading TouchDown for your Android

Select 'Play Store' from you Android App Menu.
Play Store Icon

In the 'Play Store' select the magnifying glass icon and search for 'TouchDown'.
Play Store Search

Download and install 'TouchDown'.
TouchDown Download

Once you have installed 'TouchDown' you can open it from your Android App Menu.

Configuring TouchDown for your Android

Select the 'Touchdown for SmartPhones' icon from your Android App menu.
TouchDown Icon

Upon launching 'TouchDown for SmartPhones' for the first time you will be prompted with a 'License Agreement', at the bottom of the agreement select 'I Accept'. 

After accepting initial 'License Agreement' you will be prompted to confirm the 'End User License Agreement' by selecting 'I Accept' once again. 
TouchDown Icon

After you have accepted the licensing agreements you will be brought to the 'TouchDown' Home Screen. On this screen you will want to select 'Configure your Account'.
TouchDown Icon

On the 'Configure your Account' screen, click the button at the bottom for 'Manual' configuration.
TouchDown Icon

On the 'Connection Details' screen you will want to enter the following information:
User ID = NAU User ID
Domain = NAU
Email Address =
Password = NAU User Password
Server =

Then click 'Next' at the bottom of the screen. 

TouchDown Icon

Information on the 'Security Settings' screen may be left as is. No alterations are needed for connection to the NAU email system. Click 'Next' at the bottom. 
TouchDown Icon

On the 'Protocols to check for' verify that 'ActiveSync (Preferred)' is selected. Then select 'Next' at the bottom. 

On the 'Start Configuration' screen click 'Next' at the bottom. 
TouchDown Icon

On the 'Configuration Progress' screen you should see a result of 'Success: Configured in ActiveSync mode' if you receive a result of 'Automatic Configuration failed, please see error details below' verify your connection information on the previous screens by using the 'Back' button. 

After receiving a successful result click 'Next'
TouchDown Icon

On the 'Options' screen select the items that you would like to sync with your device, and then select 'Close' at the bottom. 
TouchDown Icon

After you have closed the 'Options' screen you will be prompted for a 4 digit Pin. This pin is unique to 'TouchDown' and will be used to access the application. 
TouchDown Icon

Congratulation you have now successfully configured 'TouchDown' to connect to your NAU Email account. 


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