Embed Web Videos in your Presentations with PowerPoint 2010

With PowerPoint 2010 you can now add online videos to your PowerPoint presentations. Here’s how you do it.

First you need to go to your online video source and look for the embed code. There are several sites that have embed codes including YouTube and Hulu. To get the embed code from YouTube, navigate to the YouTube video in your browser. Then, click on the embed button and copy the entire embed code.

Embedded Code in YouTube 

Back in PowerPoint, go to the Insert tab, and in the Media group, click the arrow under Video. Then, click Video From Web Site.

Paste the embed code that you just copied by pressing Ctrl-V. Then, click Insert.

Insert Video From Web Site 

Now you have the Video in your Presentation. Keep in mind that the actual video is not embedded in the presentation. So you will need to have Internet connection when playing this video.

If you would like to preview the video, click on the Play button in the Preview group on the Format Tab .

Format Tab