Registering Your Device for Duo Mobile Multi-Factor Authentication

  • On the Multi-Factor Authentication Registration page, select the type of device you would like to register for Duo Mobile push authentication.

Note: Currently, you may only register either a smart phone or a tablet with Duo Mobile. If you need to register a device that is not a smart phone or tablet, please select the option “I don’t have a suitable device or I need help.”

Choose a device to register

  • If you select Smart phone, you will be asked to specify your phone type and your phone number

Input smart phone information

  • If you selected Tablet, select the appropriate Tablet type from the drop down list.

Input tablet information

  • Once you have entered all necessary information for your device type, click Continue
  • The next page will display the information for the device you have chosen to register.

device information displayed

  • You will need the Duo Mobile app installed on your smart phone or tablet. You can download it from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOs).

Duo Mobile app

  • Open the Duo Mobile app on your device

Open duo mobile app

  • Select the “+” button in the Duo Mobile app

select the plus sign

  • Select Scan Barcode from the Duo Mobile App

Select scan barcode

  • On the Activation website, select Activate

Click activate

  • A QR code will appear on your screen, scan this with your device.

Note: The QR code shown here is just an example. You will need to scan the QR code that appears on the Activate Device page

scan the qr code

  • Once your device has scanned the QR code, Northern Arizona University will display in the Duo Mobile app

Duo Mobile app

  • Click Continue on the Device Activation website

click continue

  • You will then receive a Verification Request to your device. The website will display the following notification:

verification request

There will be a notification in the top left corner of your phone to notify you of this request

Duo notifications

  • Open Duo Mobile and select the request

select verification request

  • Then, select Approve

select approve

  • You will see a successful login on the Device activation webpage. Click Continue

Click continue

  • You will then see a summary of the device you have registered for multi-factor authentication



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