Using Dual Displays on GreenPC Thin Clients


ITS Green PC Thin Clients can use a special adapter cable to enable two monitors positioned side-by-side to provide the user with a larger Windows desktop stretched across both monitors.


Buying the Adapter Cable

The Wyse C10Le Thin Client can now support dual monitors in the ITS GreenPC environment. A cable adapter allowing you to connect two displays is available with new systems as a customizable option on the Dell Premier site. It is Wyse Part number 920302-02L, which existing GreenPC thin client users can purchase as an add-on from computer cable/adapter retailers (Google: Wyse 920302-02L ). The adapter cable splits the built in DVI-I display connector into one DVI-D and one VGA style connector. 


Selecting The Displays

To run dual monitors on your GreenPC thin client, you will need one DVI and one VGA capable display.  Most Dell displays sold in the past few years support both standards, with the DVI connector having a white hood and the VGA connector having a blue hood. The Wyse CL10e Thin Client supports a wide range of display resolutions up to 1920 x 1440 for dual monitor use as shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Supported Display Resolutions

640 x 480

800 x 600

1024 x 768

1024 x 768

1152 x 864

1280 x 720

1280 x 768

1280 x 1024

1360 x 768

1368 x 768

1400 x 1050

1440 x 900

1600 x 900

1600 x 1200

1680 x 1050

1920 x 1080

1920 x 1200

1920 x 1440

2560 x 1600

(single monitor only)

You can mix and match monitors of different resolutions and sizes as well as combining rectangular and wide-screen monitors if you wish.  The best result will be obtained if the vertical resolutions of the monitors are similar.  

The default dual display arrangement is side-by-side with the DVI connected monitor designated as display 1 on the left and the VGA connected monitor as display 2 on the right. We suggest that if your two displays are different resolutions, that the higher resolution display be connected via DVI (White connector) as display 1 on the left.


Thin Client Dual Display Setup

Attach the keyboard, mouse, and power cord to your Thin Client. Make sure the thin client is off. Attach the white connector of the Dual Monitor adapter with the two cables coming out of it to the video port on the rear of the Thin Client. Attach the white DVI cable from the left-hand monitor to the white DVI connector on the adapter. Attach the blue VGA cable from the right-hand monitor to the matching blue VGA plug on the adapter. Power up both monitors and make sure their inputs are set correctly, with DVI on the left, and VGA (also called D-Sub) on the right.

Remove the network cable (probably the leftmost cable) from the rear of the Thin Client chassis by pressing down gently on the clip at the top center and pulling it free from the device. With the network cable disconnected, press the power button and wait for the thin client to start up. You should see the Thin Client desktop on the leftmost display (The right hand display may or may not have an image at this point).  The Thin Client will eventually display an error about the lack of a network connection. This is normal. 

Click the “Desktop” button on the lower left corner of display 1. Choose “System Setup” and then choose “Display” from the pick-list that appears.  The display setup window will open. At the top of the display configuration window, click the tab labeled “Dual Head.” On the screen that appears click the radio button next to “Span.”   

With both displays turned on and set to the correct input, click the “Test” button at the bottom of the display setup window. Both monitors should briefly display a bull’s eye pattern with a label in the center of the screen showing the display number, a colon and the resolution automatically detected for that display, something like:  “2: 1280 x 1024”.  When the display configuration screen reappears, click the “OK” button to save the new settings and restart your GreenPC Thin Client.

After it restarts you can power it down and reattach the network cable to the rear of unit. The configuration for dual monitors is now complete. When you start up your Thin Client in the future, it will come up in dual monitor mode, and when you log into GreenPC you will get a merged Windows desktop across both displays. Items dragged off the right side of the main monitor will appear on the secondary display.

The video settings of the GreenPC Thin Client can be returned to their factory default resolution and single monitor mode by holding down the “v” key on the keyboard as you turn on the unit and keeping it pressed until the display reappears.


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