Customizing the Ribbon

Users of Office 2007 saw a significant change to the Office interface. Probably, the biggest change was from the menu interface to the new ribbon interface with tabs and command buttons.  In each tab we have separate groups. For example in the Home tab here we have the Clipboard group, the Font group, and so on.  Inside each of these groups are commands that accomplish a specific task.

 ribbon interface 

Now in Office 2010 we see a great addition to the ribbon interface.  We have the ability to customize the ribbon! In other words, you can add or remove tabs, groups, and commands.  And you can create your own tabs with your own custom groups and commands.  The ability to customize the ribbon is available to all Office 2010 products with ribbons.

Let’s say you have a set of favorite commands that you access often and you want to have a single tab that you can go to to  quickly get to these commands. This is how it is done.

There are two ways to customize the ribbon:  

You can go to the File tab and then go to Options and choose Customize Ribbon.

file tab  customize ribbon 

Or you can Right-Click anywhere on the ribbon and select  Customize the Ribbon.

customize the ribbon 

In the Customize the Ribbon dialog box you can add tabs, groups, and commands. To add tabs, click on the New Tab button at the bottom of the Customize the Ribbon Column.

 customize the ribbon dialog box 

The default name will be "New Tab". If you want to change the tab name, click on it and then select the Rename button.

You can now add new groups to the tab that you created. You do this simply by selecting the tab and and clicking on the New Group button. You can also rename the group by selecting it and clicking on the Rename button.

Add group 

To add commands to the group that you created, select the command that you want from the "Choose a command from:" column. Then click on the Add button.You can add multiple commands to the group following this process.

add commands.

Now click OK, and you should see your new tabs, groups, and commands with the new names that you gave them.

new tab in ribbon 

As you can see, the Office 2010 Ribbon is highly customizable. Keep in mind that while we added and made changes to our own tab these changes can also be made to the tabs that are already on the ribbon.