Why is there a scheduled maintenance window for Blackboard Learn?

Scheduled maintenance for the Blackboard Learn system is necessary to ensure that the system is running as well as it possibly can. The maintenance window can be used to update Blackboard Learn with updates as they are released, but only after they have been tested and approved by ITS. We also use this downtime to restart certain services, as necessary, in order to keep the systems running smoothly, while minimizing impact to students. ITS worked together with other groups including the e-Learning Center to find a time that would minimize the impact on students and faculty.

Based on statistics and usage patterns, we determined that early Thursday morning is the time that Blackboard Learn is used least. As a result, we chose 2:00am - 6:00am (MST) Thursday mornings as our maintenance window. This time frame has the smallest impact on our user base while also allowing our administrators ample time to communicate with Blackboard should the need arise.

Any further questions about the scheduled maintenance window for Blackboard Learn should be directed to the Student Technology Center.


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