How to Upload Files to BB Learn Content Collection

BB Learn's Content Collection lets you upload files for sharing.  You can upload files to your BB Learn Content Collection by following these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1

BBLearn Upload 6

In the Content Collection screen, hover your mouse cursor over "Upload."

Step 2

BBLearn Upload 7.5

In the menu that appears, left-click "Upload Files."

Step 3

BBLearn Popups 1

If this is your first time uploading to BB Learn, you will see a message similar to the one above.  If this message does not appear, proceed to Step 6.  Otherwise, left-click "Always run on this site" or something similar depending on your browser.

Step 4

BBLearn Popups 2

When you see the above popup window, left-click "Run."

Step 5

BBLearn Popups 3

When you see the above popup window, left-click "Yes."

Step 6

BBLearn Upload 11.5

In the screen shown in the above image, you can drag and drop the files and folders you would like to upload into the area indicated.  You can also upload files by left-clicking the "Browse" button and browsing your computer for the files or folders.

Step 7

BBLearn Upload 12.5

Once you have selected the files to want to upload, you can scroll down to select options for the files.  Left-click the check boxes to select the options.  You can select any combination you want, or none at all.  When you are finished, left-click the "Submit" button to upload your files to BB Learn.


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