Windows Phone 8: Exchange Email

Before you begin using Exchange for mobile devices you will first need to agree to NAU's Mobile Device policies at:

These instructions will show you how to set up an Exchange account on a Windows 8 Phone.

Step 1

 Windows 8 Phone Application List

On the Start screen, swipe to the left to bring up the application list as shown above.  Tap "Settings."

Step 2

 Windows 8 Phone Settings Screen

Tap "email+accounts."

Step 3

 Email+Accounts Screen

Tap "add an account."

Step 4

 Add an Account

Tap "Outlook."

Step 5

 Windows 8 Phone Email 5

In the "Email Address" field, type your NAU IRIS email address in the form "" without quotes where "first.last" is your first and last name. Type your NAU password into the "Password" field, and tap "sign in."  Your phone will connect to the Exchange server and set up your email account automatically.


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