iOS 7 (iPhone, iPad, iPod): VPN

Apple iOS 7 is the newest version of iOS.  Some parts of the interface have changed slightly from iOS 6.  This page will show you how to set up a connection to the NAU VPN in iOS 7.  The process works the same way for the iPod Touch, the iPhone, and the iPad.

Step 1

 iOS 7 Home screen

On the home screen of your device, tap the "Settings" icon.

Step 2

 General Settings

On the "Settings" screen, tap "General" and scroll down to the bottom of the list in the right-hand pane.

Step 3

 General Settings (VPN highlighted)

After scrolling down, tap "VPN."

Step 4

 VPN Settings

Tap "Add VPN Configuration."

Step 5

 Enter VPN Configuration

  • You will see a popup asking for the VPN configuration.
  • Tap "PPTP" at the top of the window.
  • Type "NAU VPN" without quotes in the Description field, and type "" without quotes in the Server field.
  • Type your NAU User ID into the Account field, and your password into the Password field.  (Students need to insert "NAU-Students\" infront of their User ID)
  • When you are finished, tap "Save" in the top right-hand corner of the window.

Step 6

 VPN Switch

You will be taken back to the "VPN Settings" screen.  Tap the VPN "switch" icon to turn on the VPN.

Step 7

 VPN Connection confirmation

Wait a few seconds to connect to the VPN.  When the connection is complete, the VPN status will say "Connected."


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NAU's VPN service allows users to securely connect to the Northern Arizona University network.