How to Sign Up for NAU Alerts

In order to receive NAU Alerts, there are two main steps you must take: registration and activation. If you have not yet registered your account to receive the NAU Alerts and this is your first time logging in to the system, you’ll want to go to Registration. If you have already registered and now need to approve your inputted number or add a new number to your account, look under Activation.


First you must open the NAU Alert page in a browser. Once there, you’ll notice two text boxes on the right hand side of the page. Under the heading “FIRST TIME USERS”  click the link “Register here.” 

Figure 1

Register Here on NAU Alerts home page

You will be prompted to login through CAS using your NAU username and password.  

Once you have completed logging in you will be directed to the registration page shown in Figure 2. Fill in all of the necessary information as well as a cell phone number and the respective carrier.
* Note: the inputted phone MUST be a cell phone with text capabilities as the notices sent out as text messages. 

Figure 2

Registration page

Click “Create Account” when finished.


After you have registered, return to the NAU Alerts home page. Click the “here” link in the bottom of the “Existing Users” box shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

Existing Users login here link on NAU Alerts homepage

This link will direct you to the NAU Alerts login page as shown in Figure 4. Using your NAU username and the password you created when you registered in the step above, login to the site. 

Figure 4

Login page

Upon logging in you will notice that the first tab displayed is the “Dashboard” tab. This tab holds your basic account information, as well as any recent alerts issued by NAU Alerts. However, the information we need to finish setting up the account is found in the “Services” tab, shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

Services tab next to Dashboard

The service tab lists all the phones registered to your account. From here you can add more cell phones to link with your account and manage the current listed phones as well. Numbers shown under the highlighted green bar are currently activated, while those found under the red bar have yet to be activated. 

Figure 6

Services tab with phone number information

Activation or validation numbers are sent out via text message to the number that you registered (Figure 7).

Figure 7

Text message validation code

Take the unique validation code that you have received and input it in the “validation Code” text box at the bottom of the “Services” page shown in Figure 6 and click validate.

You will now receive text message updates whenever an NAU Alert is issued.