Blackboard Collaborate Classic - Problems and Solutions

Collaborate is a web conferencing program that allows professors to hold class, office hours, and meetings online.

If you are having trouble getting into Collaborate or Collaborate is not functioning correctly, try these things:

    • Try a different browser. Firefox from Mozilla tends to work better with Collaborate Classic.
    • Collaborate Classic relies on a client program that you will have to install before you can access the session. You will be prompted to download this client when you launch the session. 
    • Most sessions are accessible through Blackboard Learn. You can log into your Blackboard course to access the Collaborate session(s) for that course.

If you are having trouble with your audio, try these things:

    • Make sure the microphone and speakers are plugged in properly. Also make sure that the volume is turned up and not muted. Windows volume controls are located in the lower right hand corner of your screen by your time display. Mac Volume controls are located in the upper right hand corner of the screen by your time display. Individual speakers and microphones might have their own volume control switches, so be sure that those are not turned low or muted.
      • Collaborate also has some volume controls that you might need to adjust. They are located on the left side once you get into the session.
    • If it is a USB microphone, it may require driver software that you will have to download from the manufacturer's website.
    • If all that is working properly, you can try the Audio Setup Wizard from within the Collaborate course. This is located under Tools > Audio once you are in the Collaborate session.

  For additional help you can see this FAQ page from the E-Learning Center.


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