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NAU launches Arizona's first occupational therapy program in Fall 2014.

Gain the competitive advantage with a graduate degree

Enhance your competitive advantage and professional possibilities at Northern Arizona University.

Our graduate programs will help you fulfill your potential in fields as diverse as biotechnology, health, business, environmental and sustainable systems, and teaching.

We know that earning an advanced degree can be a challenge to your current lifestyle, so we offer a number of degrees at a flexible pace that works around your schedule.

What makes NAU the best place to get your graduate degree?

With Northern Arizona University’s graduate programs, you’ll experience:

  • high-level research opportunities
  • exceptional, one-on-one mentorship
  • a diverse cultural/geographic landscape 
  • a campus focused on sustainability
  • global learning opportunities 
  • the choice of an award-winning and flexible online learning environment 

In our students’ own words, see what makes us different.

Invest in your personal and academic growth

If limited time or financial resources are holding you back from pursuing an advanced degree, Northern Arizona University’s Graduate College offers you the resources to help you balance your family, career, finances, and graduate studies.

With classes in Flagstaff, online, and statewide, there’s always an NAU classroom within reach.