JFA 1st Session 2012

  • Counselor learning about bark beetles from Dr. Rich Hofstetter.
  • Connor Teaching
    Counselor teaching camp about how to use a compass.
  • Erin Carving a stick
    Camper, Erin, carves personalizations in her walking stick.
  • I'm Fine
    Camper, Jayden, enjoys peace and serenity amongst the pines.
  • JFA I Serious 2012
    Junior Forester Academy class of 2012 together.
  • Junior Forester Academy class of 2012 being silly.
  • The Kennedy sisters focusing on a game of Gutter Ball.
  • Camper, Maddy, excited to learn
  • Camper, Naiya, exploring how to operate her compass.
  • Dr. Hospodarsky rangles up the kids for an exciting day at the orienteering course.
  • Camper, Shane, carves away at this walking stick.
  • Camper, Shane, displaying his might in a log toss competition.
  • Shane, excited for the day.
  • Leah excited for a game of kickball.
  • Campers testing out their walking sticks out on a hike.